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Valio Ltd

Valio – Valio Ltd

Valio Ltd is a Finnish dairy and food company owned by dairy farmers through co-operatives. Valio has been globally a forerunner e.g. in lactose-free dairy. Oddlygood® dairy alternatives were launched in 2018 and since 2022, also Gold&Green® meat analogue brand is owned by Valio. We work in B-to-C and B-to-B and export our products to ~60 countries.

R&D: Valio R&D has >100 experts on technology, product development, nutrition, analytics, IP and legislation. We develop yearly over 100 products for launch. We also develop processes for both future dairy and alternative products as well as towards improved resource efficiency and nutrition.

Role in Healthferm

Valio participates in process development of high fibre and high protein gurt and its non-fermented counterpart and to scale those up to pilot scale to produce samples for the intervention trial. Furthermore, we are the leader of the scale-up task.

Team members

Photo of Dr Riitta Partanen
Dr Riitta Partanen
Research manager
Photo of Mika Immonen
Mika Immonen
Research scientist
Photo of Dr Tuula Tuure
Dr Tuula Tuure
Senior research scientist
Photo of Dr Sari Puputti
Dr Sari Puputti
Senior research scientist