Training activities

HealthFerm partners jointly organise a series of webinars, workshops, spring/autumn schools for network-level training of junior and senior researchers in each of the project areas.

Workshops and spring/summer school activities take place in conjunction with either project or Healthgrain Forum (HGF) meetings. HGF holds bi-annual networking workshops where key experts in the field meet and work to develop improved grain-based foods for better nutrition with the help of superior science. The HealthFerm partners and other HGF members have strong contacts with other relevant academics, major industries, public authorities and NGOs, allowing to draw from a large pool of experts of different disciplines. HGF supports the organisation of autumn schools and spring meetings during the project, networking of HealthFerm junior scientists with the relevant industrial/academic bodies and act as a platform to continue the training after the project ends.

HGF organises relevant webinars that cover state of the art knowledge on topics related to the project objectives. The activities implement content on programmes on food-chain sustainability and major scientific disciplines in the project, developing understanding across disciplines and creating training in the form of lectures from partners and leading visiting scientists.

Training and capacity building activities in 2023 consist of three webinars and two workshops. The dates, times and full programmes will follow once available.

Schedule 2023

24th of February at 10:30 AM - 12:00 PM CET - Webinar on fermentation principles of grains and pulses, state of the art and scientific challenges

Learn more about the state of the art on microbial fermentation technologies that are used to produce foods. The impact of the fermentation processes on food composition and nutritional attributes will be presented in relation to the raw materials used to produce final products. The presentations will cover a selection of microbes, conditions of the fermentation processed in solid, semi solid and liquid products and potential control of the fermentation processes.

Experts: Prof. M. Gobbetti (University of Bozen-Bolzano, Italy) and Dr R. Coda (University of Helsinki, Finland)

Recording of the webinar: please click here

Presentation from Dr R. Coda: please click here

Presentation from Prof. Gobetti: please click here

26th-27th of April - HGF workshop

The HGF workshop consists of a meeting on the results of the InnoFoodAfrica project, hosted by Puratos on 26th of April, followed by a second day with a HealthFerm hybrid workshop (the topic will be announced later).

Location: Leuven, Belgium

June - Webinar on nutrition and health, with a focus on gastrointestinal physiology and colonic physiology

Experts: Prof. K. Verbeke (KU Leuven, Belgium), Prof. R. Landberg (Chalmers University, Sweden)

More info to follow soon!

September - workshop on omics principles in fermentation technology.

This workshop will be held in connection to the annual HealthFerm project meeting at ETH Zürich

More info to follow soon!

6th-8th of November - Symposium at the EFFoST conference 2023 - Process technology based on fermentation principles: the dos and don’ts

Location: Valencia, Spain

More info to follow soon!

14th-17th of November - Symposium at the FENS conference - Programme on the nutritional benefits of fermented plant-based foods

Location: Belgrade, Serbia

More info to follow soon!