Stakeholder Board

Stakeholder board

The HealthFerm Stakeholder Board brings together key organisations and projects representing various fields of expertise, such as fermentation, microbiome, plant-based food and consumer perspective. Throughout the duration of the project, the Stakeholder Board members will be regularly informed about the progress and involved in specific activities, with the aim to create synergies and build a long-lasting Plant-Based Fermented Foods Ecosystem!

Upcoming and past activities

June 16, 2023. 14:00-16:00 - Stakeholder workshop

An inventory of Fermented Plant-Based Food in Europe: what purpose and how to conduct it?

On June 16th, 2023, the first Stakeholder Board workshop took place online in the framework of the HealthFerm work package on consumer behavior.

One of the tasks within the HealthFerm project is to identify the types of fermented plant-based foods that are usually consumed in the EU from traditional to newer or innovative (from bread or sauerkraut to miso or pea tempeh). The aim is not only to list the different food items, but also to get information about their culinary uses, contexts of consumptions and symbolic values. One of the important aspects is related to their association with animal based products, and especially meat. Indeed, some of these products have a great potential for reducing meat consumption, for example through the umamification of dishes.

During the workshop, two breakout rooms were organised on (i) existing inventories and (ii) clarifying the term Novel for plant-based fermented foods.

Looking forward to the next interaction with the HealthFerm Stakeholder Board!

January 20, 2023. 15:00-17:00 - First Stakeholder Board Meeting

Presentation of the HealthFerm project as well as the role of the Stakeholder Board. Discussion about potential synergies

Would you like to join our Stakeholder Board?

Currently, following organisations and projects are part of the Stakeholder Board:

Ferments du futur
GFI Europe
Iseki Food
Giant Leaps
Smart Protein
FlandersĀ“ Food
EIT Food