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Planted Foods AG

Planted – Planted Foods AG

Planted Foods AG is a three-year young start-up company with around 200 employees in the alternative meat production sector with strong expertise in extrusion of plant-based proteins .

The science team is led by Dr. Patrick Rühs. The team includes four Lead Scientists, 11 Scientists, two Interns, four PhD students, and five Master students. The research mission is to invent and scale new technologies in the area of plant-based meat products.

Role in Healthferm

In work package 2, Planted upscales the wet extrusion process for the extruded meat alternative model based on faba beans and oat and providing enough extrudate (100-1000 kg) both of the fermented and non-fermented products for the intervention trials in work package 3.

Team members

Photo of Dr Edwina Romanens
Dr Edwina Romanens
Lead scientist biotechnology
Photo of Dr Lorenzo Peyer
Dr Lorenzo Peyer
Project scientist biotechnology
Photo of Dr Patrick Rühs
Dr Patrick Rühs
Head of science
Photo of Julia Schmucki
Julia Schmucki
Process engineer