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PUR – Puratos

Puratos is a successful international company offering a full range of cutting-edge services and ingredients to customers in the bakery, patisserie and chocolate industry worldwide.

Puratos has more than 9,500 employees worldwide, more than 1,100 R&D researchers and technical advisors and subsidiaries in 83 countries and 72 production units in 50 countries. With 94 innovation centres around the world, it totals 2.2B€ net sales of which 2.4% is invested in R&D.

Role in Healthferm

Puratos is mainly involved in work packages 1 and 2. For work package 1 we work on microbial resources involving our contribution through the Sourdough Library and the Quest for Sourdough. In work package 2 we are mainly involved in the creation of bakery products and plant-based fillings with healthy benefits based on fermented products. The selected fermented foods will be tested for upscaling and fermentations will be performed to be able to deliver products for the human intervention studies.

Team members

Photo of Dr Fabienne Verté
Dr Fabienne Verté
Senior Research Manager Functional Fermentation
Photo of Dr Vimac Nolla
Dr Vimac Nolla
Research Manager Metabolomics
Photo of Dr Raluca Florea
Dr Raluca Florea
Gut Health Leader Health & Wellbeing
Photo of Bernard Genot
Bernard Genot
Senior R&D Manager BU sourdough and grains
Photo of Delphine Soyeurt
Delphine Soyeurt
R&D Manager
Photo of Dr Azadeh Mohammadi
Dr Azadeh Mohammadi
Research Manager Mass Spectrometry