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VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland

VTT – VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland

VTT is one of Europe’s leading research institutions. VTT has 2,093 employees of which 80+ specialise in food technology. Through scientific and technological means, we turn large global challenges into sustainable growth for businesses and society. VTT food research operates under Industrial biotechnology and food research area and tackles Sustainable Food System VTT challenge. We do applied research on more efficient use of agricultural resources by new plant based food innovations and cellular agriculture (production of food ingredients by microbes and other cell cultures).

Role in Healthferm

VTT is involved in work packages 1 and 2. In work package 1, Dr Hanna-Leena Alakomi and her team will work on the selection and characterisation of microbial strains and consortia, growth and characterisation of fermentation and functional activities in different raw materials. In work package 2, VTT works on the development of an analytical toolbox, fermentation of faba and oat raw materials for meat and dairy alternatives, assessing the technofunctional properties and in vitro protein digestibility. Prof Nesli Sözer leads the VTT team with the research focus on meat analogues obtained by either dry or wet extrusion from fermented biomass (oat, faba beans and their combinations). From yoghurt analogues, VTT specifically looks into blending of different protein and dietary fibre rich ingredients. VTT with its well-established pilot facilities and research infrastructure also takes an essential role in structural, rheological and textural characterisation of yoghurt and meat analogues.

Team members

Photo of Prof. Nesli Sözer
Prof. Nesli Sözer
Research professor focusing on smart & sustainable food production
Photo of Dr Hanna-Leena Alakomi
Dr Hanna-Leena Alakomi
Principal scientist and research team leader of process microbiology and food safety team
Photo of Martina Lille
Martina Lille
Senior Scientist