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University of Copenhagen

UCPH – University of Copenhagen

The University of Copenhagen has about 40,000 students. It is ranked no. 6 of the best universities in Europe and no.73 in the world.

Department of Food Science, Research Group, Food Design and Sustainability Future Consumer Lab (Consumer and sensory Lab: Belinda Nielsen, Flavour Lab: Mikael Agerlin Petersen, Gastro teaching and science Lab: Karsten Olsen, Observation Lab: Sanne Sansolios, Simulation Lab/Observation: Wender Bredie, Physiology Lab: Annemarie Olsen. The team includes 3 professors, 6 associate professors, 1 assistant professor, 2 post-doctoral researchers, 6 PhD and 14 MSc students. The research mission is (i) to improve the understanding of how people experience quality traits of foods by making use of the senses and how this process influences food preferences and behavior.

Role in Healthferm

Associate Professor Helene C. Reinbach and Michael Bom Frøst from University of Copenhagen (UCPH) contribute to work package 4 by conducting a behavioural study with three meals in the future consumer lab. Furthermore, UCPH is involved in conducting the survey investigating consumer perception of fermented foods in nine European countries.

Team members

Photo of Prof. Helene Christine Reinbach
Prof. Helene Christine Reinbach
Associate Professor
Photo of Prof. Michael Bom Frøst
Prof. Michael Bom Frøst
Associate Professor in Food Sensory Innovation