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Institut Paul Bocuse

IPBR – Institut Paul Bocuse

The Institut Paul Bocuse has over 1,000 students in bachelor and master studies covering the management of culinary arts and food service hospitality.

The Institut Paul Bocuse Research Center takes on the challenge of tasty, healthy and sustainable diets for all people and in all contexts. It gathers scientists in different disciplines, such as social sciences, cognitive science, food science and nutrition, as well as experts in the food domain, including cooks and engineers.

Role in Healthferm

Within HealthFerm, the Institut Paul Bocuse Researcher Center is working on the consumer attitudes, knowledge, representations and practices regarding plant based fermented food products. It gathers knowledge through social science fieldwork and surveys. It also develops and tests recipes thanks to its experts in culinary innovation.

Team members

Photo of Dr Maxime Michaud
Dr Maxime Michaud
Research group leader - social science
Photo of Estelle Petit
Estelle Petit
R&D manager