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B2F – Bridge2Food

Bridge2Food is a global leader in the plant-based foods and alternative proteins sector. We’ve been working since 2002 to connect professionals, researchers and industry, to organize summits that grow ideas into actions, to educate in our hands-on academy courses, and to develop ecosystems that foster innovation.

Our driving force is to advance actions for a better food world and to help accelerate the protein transition to make plant-based foods the center of sustainable, accessible and healthy plans good for both people and the planet.

We take pride in doing work that makes a difference and in the relationships we build with our partners. We believe if we bring people together it will act as a catalyst for change.

Role in Healthferm

Bridge2Food actively participates on the communication and dissemination of HealthFerm’s results and outcomes. Moreover, it is in charge of developing and taking care of an extended Stakeholder Boards, which includes all range of professionals within the sector, and more specifically, within the plant-based fermented subsector. This stakeholder board aims to bring to the table valuable discussions about the latest outcomes, scope and direction of the project, in order to enrich it and improve its development.

Team members

Photo of Maria Rossi Koller
Maria Rossi Koller
Research & Insights Manager
Photo of Marnie Hewat
Marnie Hewat
EcoSystem & EU Projects Coordinator
Photo of Javier Berterreche
Javier Berterreche
Sales - EcoSystem
Photo of Andrea Ojembarrena
Andrea Ojembarrena
Operations Manager & EU Project Manager