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HealthFerm Summer School at Institut Lyfe

HealthFerm Summer School at Institut Lyfe

From June 24th to 26th, 2024, the HealthFerm Summer School took place in the city of Lyon, France. Hosted at the prestigious Institut Lyfe (formerly the Institut Paul Bocuse), this event provided an enriching blend of learning, hands-on experiences, and culinary delights.

Day 1: A Warm Welcome and Practical Fun The summer school commenced with a welcoming lunch at the Institut Lyfe, setting the stage for an engaging and productive event. Participants enjoyed practical sessions on making sourdough bread and dairy alternatives in the Experience Kitchen. Valery Gutsal from Novonesis concluded the day with a detailed discussion on starter cultures and microbiology. The evening concluded with a dinner at Bistro Berthet in Lyon, fostering networking and camaraderie among attendees.

Day 2: Diving Deeper into Fermentation and Health The second day began with another hands-on session focusing on sourdough and dairy alternatives. Christophe Courtin from KU Leuven provided valuable insights with his presentation on the biochemistry aspects of fermentation. Afternoon sessions included a consumer approach by Maxime Michaud and a discussion on nutrition and health in fermented products by Jan de Vries. The day concluded with a social dinner at Nomos, Institut Lyfe, allowing participants to unwind and connect on a more informal level.

Day 3: Communication and Practical Applications The final day emphasized science communication and integrity, presented by Jessica Riguto from ETHZ. Participants then applied their newfound knowledge to a case study, culminating in presentations and discussions of potential solutions. The event concluded with a closing lunch, marking the end of a highly educational and interactive experience.

Throughout the summer school, participants received comprehensive information on fermentation from leading experts in both industry and academia. Practical sessions included making yogurt and various sourdoughs with protein additions such as oat, yellow pea, fava, and wheat, all integral to the HealthFerm project. The combination of theoretical knowledge and practical application, along with delicious food and engaging discussions, made this event a memorable and valuable experience.