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Second HealthFerm training webinar

Second HealthFerm training webinar

On June 15th, a 2nd HealthFerm Training Webinar took place on on the Impact of microbial fermentation on food composition and nutritional attributes.

This webinar introduced the participants in the science of digestive health and fermented cereals and pulses. How good foods are digested, is a fascinating topic that is considered to be relatively well understood, but with still large challenges to be solved. These challenges and the question what scientific evidence is available if it comes to fermented foods and (long term) health were addressed during this webinar.

Experts: Prof. K. Verbeke (KU Leuven, Belgium), Prof. R. Landberg (Chalmers University, Sweden)

Recording of the webinar: please click here
Presentation from Prof. Verbeke: please click here
Presentation from Prof. Landberg: please click here