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Objectives & Work Packages

Project objectives

Enable an evidence-based transition in society and industry from traditional to sustainable plant-based fermented foods and diets that deliver health benefits to consumers by design.

This translates into two main objectives:
One: To disentangle the interaction between food fermentation microbiomes, fermented grain-based foods and the human gut microbiome and their implications for human health.
Two: To use generated knowledge, microbial resources and fermentation technology to develop novel foods.

These main objectives will be achieved through five interrelated subobjectives:

Work Packages

The project activities are managed in so-called Work Packages. HealthFerm is set up around seven such Work Packages. Different partners take the lead on achieving different tasks within a particular Work Package while ensuring close collaboration with other institutions and across the different Work Packages.

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Gut Microbiota5 Intervention TrialsIn Vitro Digestion and FermentationWP 3: Human Health & MicrobiomeSmall IntestineColonInteraction with Consumers and WP 1, 2 and 3Consumer BehaviourConsumer TrialWP 4: Consumer BehaviourRaw MaterialsFermented IngredientsFermented FoodsWP 2: Fermentation TechnologyCommunity ScienceMicroorganisms (individual,consortia, microbiomes)Open Food Microbiome AtlasWP 1: Microbial ResourcesPilot Scale Starter CulturePilot Scale Raw Material FermentationPilot Scale Products at Industrial PartnersPilot ScaleOmics TechnologiesWP 6: Maximising impact through C&D&E CommunicationDisseminationTrainingEcosystemExploitationWP 5: Scientific coordination and project management