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Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences

SLU – Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences

SLU is a world-class international university with research, education and environmental assessment within the sciences for sustainable life. Its principal sites are in Alnarp, Umeå and Uppsala, but activities are also conducted at research stations, experimental parks and educational establishments throughout Sweden.

The Department of Molecular Sciences conducts research and education in the fields of chemistry, biochemistry, molecular biology, food science and microbiology with focus on fundamental aspects as well as sustainable development and applications in the Green sector.

Two research groups from Molecular Sciences are involved in HealthFerm: Food structures and properties lead by Prof. Maud Langton and Food Biotechnology lead by Prof. Volkmar Passoth.

At Food structures and properties, we characterise the food raw material, food products as well as bio-based food material by different physico-chemical and structural methods from molecule to macro levels. The overall objective is to design structures with targeted properties, to be applied in food or/and bio-based materials.

At Food Biotechnology, our general goal is to use microbial diversity to establish sustainable, circular processes for the production of food, feed and biochemicals. This involves applied research to convert raw materials to valuable compounds and fundamental science to understand physiology and genetics of non-conventional microorganisms.

Role in Healthferm

The experimental work of the SLU is mainly located in work packages 1 and 2. In work package 1 Prof. Volkmar Passoth tests microbial strains and consortia for being used in work package 2. In work package 2 Prof. Maud Langton, Associate Prof. Galia Zamaratskaia, Prof. Passoth, Dr. Anja Herneke and a PhD student focus on the fermentation and characterisation of faba bean and oat as raw materials for tempeh production.

Team members

Photo of Prof. Maud Langton
Prof. Maud Langton
Photo of Prof. Volkmar Passoth
Prof. Volkmar Passoth
Photo of Associate Prof. Galia Zamaratskaia
Associate Prof. Galia Zamaratskaia
Associate Professor
Photo of Dr Anja Herneke
Dr Anja Herneke
Postdoctoral researcher