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ETH Zurich

ETHZ – ETH Zurich

ETH Zürich is a top-ranked public research university with more than 24,500 students from 120 countries. (QS global #8, 2022)

The Food Systems Biotechnology (FSB) group develops and utilises computational and experimental approaches to study microbial ecosystems at the interface of foods and human health. This includes the development of open-source bioinformatics software for microbial multi-omics research (e.g., QIIME 2), and research into the use of microbiomes for food and beverage improvement.

The Laboratory of Food Biochemistry (FBC) conducts fundamental research in composition of foods, properties of health promoting food constituents and their optimisation for improved biological effects. We apply modern state-of-the-art techniques in analyses to study chemistry of foods at a molecular level.

The Competence Center – Citizen Science (CC-CS, often called CS Center Zurich) is a joint initiative of the University of Zurich and ETH Zurich. Created in 2017, its mission is to support and promote the implementation of citizen science projects, i.e. collaboration of academic scientists and the general public to co-create new scientific knowledge. To this aim, CC-CS provides the resources, expertise and technical know-how necessary to develop, set up, and run citizen science projects, and communicate the results. In particular, it provides support in the following areas: citizen science methodology, digital tools (including web and mobile platforms), community management, partnerships and networking.

Role in Healthferm

ETHZ leads work package 1, including citizen science project coordination, and participates in both work packages 1 and 2 activities.

Team members

Photo of Prof. Nicholas Bokulich
Prof. Nicholas Bokulich
Assistant Professor (tenure-track), head of Laboratory of Food Systems Biotechnology
Photo of Prof. Laura Nyström
Prof. Laura Nyström
Professor of Food Biochemistry
Photo of Fabio Cavelti
Fabio Cavelti
PhD researcher
Photo of Jan Patrick Tan
Jan Patrick Tan
PhD researcher
Photo of Rosy Mondardini
Rosy Mondardini
CC-CS Managing Director
Photo of Olivia Zehnder-Wyss
Olivia Zehnder-Wyss
PhD researcher
Photo of Dr Anna Greppi
Dr Anna Greppi
Senior Researcher
Photo of Samy Boulos
Samy Boulos
Analytical Specialist
Photo of Dr Carolina O. Pandeirada
Dr Carolina O. Pandeirada
Postdoctoral Researcher
Photo of Annina Regina Meyer
Annina Regina Meyer
PhD Researcher